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The Company Developed the Activities of Education of Fire Safety Knowledge

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The Company Developed the Activities of Education of Fire Safety Knowledge
News from this Press: on June 21 in the afternoon, Huading Company had an activity of education of fire knowledge in the canteen on the first floor through playing the TV programs of fire knowledge education. More than 300 employees watched the program of ‘Education of Scientific Knowledge of Fire Safety’ and ‘Safety warning in Production’ in batches.It is learned that since November 2006, the number of enterprises in Yiwu had had a series of major incidents of production safety and fire, major losses of the staff lives and the assets of enterprise had been caused. The main reasons are that the enterprises and the staff are lack of safety awareness and they do not pay sufficient attention to safety in production, which eventually led to one and another accident.
Therefore, the Company organized the special activities of education of fire safety knowledge for all the staff to learn experiences from actual incidents, and to enhance the awareness of safety of the staff so as to avoid the occurrence e of similar incidents.

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